Our Mission
By understanding the needs of consumers and families, Tri-City provides high quality, culturally competent behavioral health care treatment, prevention, and education in the diverse cities of Pomona, Claremont, and La Verne.  

Our Approach
For more than 50 years, Tri-City Mental Health has distinguished itself as a steadfast community partner.  This has been achieved through dedicated adherence to a set of guiding principles known as the Tri-City Top Ten Values.  Tri-City’s services are:

Tri-City has developed a safe and collaborative environment in which a flexible and personalized approach guides service and treatment.

Family Focused
Interventions employ the cooperation of all family members (as defined by the client), drawing on their individual strengths for the betterment of the collective family unit.
A strength-based approach is utilized in the interest of identifying and building upon the positive resources and abilities children and families possess.

The care provided to clients is sensitive to the values that emerge out of their particular backgrounds.

The requirement to use the best available research evidence is explicit within the standards for practice at Tri-City.

Increasing the accessibility of mental health services to underserved populations is instrumental to overcoming cultural, economic, and other barriers to treatment.

The art and technique of therapeutic intervention is a reciprocal process wherein both client and treatment team continuously learn, adapt, and evolve in the interest of achieving a common goal.

It is the responsibility of Tri-City’s treatment team to provide those in their catchment area with the programs and tools necessary to cope with any mental health or emotional challenges they or a family member may be facing.

Tri-City is committed to increasing health system accountability to ensure services are as effective and efficient as possible.

Tri-City maintains a welcoming environment, placing the utmost value upon all those who come through their doors; they understand that is only through respecting people as they are that they can become all they wish to be.