Elizabeth Owens
Director of Clinical Program Services
(909) 784-3022


Full Service Partnership is a mental health service program that provides comprehensive mental health services for individuals and families experiencing significant emotional and psychological problems that would benefit from intensive field-based services.  Treatment is available to children (0-15), transitional-aged youth (16-25), adults (26-59), and Older Adults (>60 years).  Clients requiring this level of service are generally seen 2-4 times per week in the community (i.e., at their home, school site).  Examples of services made available under this program are as follow:

  • Individual/family counseling and psychotherapy
  • Assistance reaching out to and securing community resources
  • Transportation assistance (i.e., assistance getting to appointments)
  • Obtaining necessary medication
  • Help with accessing physical health care for children and family members
  • Assistance with housing services to help locate suitable lodging for clients and family
  • Assistance getting the financial and health benefits to which clients are entitled
  • Treatment for harmful addictions (e.g., alcoholism, drugs, and misuse of prescription medications)
  • Help identifying and accessing educational opportunities
  • Help finding employment, vocational training, and/or volunteer opportunities