Robin Carder
City of La Verne, City Council

Robin Carder

As a member of the La Verne City Council, I am proud to be a Board Member for Tri City Mental Health. As with many other committees, I take my responsibilities seriously and will dedicate as much time needed to do the job tasked to me. I have been a resident of La Verne for 32 years and have been involved in many aspects of La Verne including serving two terms as a member of the Bonita Unified School District Board. I am a graduate of the University of La Verne and I also work as a Business Manager for Enrollment Management at the University. My husband and I, Robert, have been married for 37 years and have two married children, two grandsons and a new granddaughter. My motto has always been “To do what is best for Children.” Tri City serves many children along with adults, and I have witnessed from each and every staff member, their commitment to serve their client to the best of their ability.


Ronald T. Vera, Esq.

City of Claremont, Community Representative


Ronald Vera is a partner with the Law Firm of Vera & Barbosa, and of counsel to the Sacramento based Law Firm Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard. He has been in private practice since 1987, with offices in Claremont, California. Prior to starting his private practice, he was with two nationally recognized public interest law firms where, for 14 years, he litigated seminal cases in the field of civil rights and education.  Over his career he has advised cities, school districts, health related organizations, education foundations, and major non profit corporations, including serving as Legal Counsel to the Brethren Hillcrest Retirement Community, the University of La Verne, The Keck Graduate Institute, the Claremont Graduate University, and the San Gabriel Valley Civic Alliance. He has served as a consultant to the Ford Foundation, the College Board and the American Council on Education. He is currently an adjunct Professor at the Claremont Graduate University, where he teaches courses on Education and the Law.

He recently stepped off the Boards for the California Community Foundation and the Los Angeles County Fair Association, and is currently taking the time to write a series of articles on the connection between education and healthy communities. He currently serves on the Board of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. He continues to serve on the Advisory Committee to the California Consortium of Education Foundations.

Mr. Vera earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University and his law degree from UCLA.   Over his career he has received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, and has served as a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and the University of Houston.  He served as Interim CEO for the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation in 1996.  He was a Visiting and Adjunct Professor for seven years at Loyola Law School, teaching among other courses the Education and Law seminar each year.   Among his awards is the Sierra Club’s Community Service Award for his pro bono work on environmental cases.

Mr. Vera is married to Christina Vega, an educator, and they have been residents of Claremont since 1986.


Joseph M. Lyons,Ph.D., DPA
City of Claremont, Council Member

Councilmember Joseph M. Lyons, Ph.D. is serving his first term on the Councilmember Joseph M. Lyons, Ph.D. is serving his first term on the Claremont City Council (03/2011-03/2015), and serves as the Council representative to the Tri-City Mental Health Governing Board, the Pomona Valley Transit Authority, the City’s Committee on Aging, and the Council's Commission Nominating Ad Hoc Committee. Joseph also serves as the alternate to Foothill Transit, the Six Basins Water Master Board, and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments.

Joseph was born in Fresno, and raised in the suburbs of Boston until his mid teens when the family moved to San Diego. Upon graduation from high school, Joseph went on to earn Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Microbiology from San Diego State University, and later earned a Ph.D. in Immunogenetics from Vrije Universiteit Medical School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He began his career in medical research at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine (1972-1983), and recently retired from the position he helped create in the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at the City of Hope National Medical Center (1983-2009). Joseph has been a Claremont, California, resident since 2002, and lives in a committed relationship with his beloved life partner, Sharyn Webb, and between them they have nine grandchildren.

The proud father of four sons, Joseph was actively involved at all levels of the youth sports and other organized activities in which his boys participated. He was founding president of the San Dimas High School Academic Boosters Club, and was a community member on a number of school advisory boards, including the WASC Accreditation Committee. More recently, Joseph served on the Boards of the Pomona Valley Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Inland Valley Chapter of Death Penalty Focus, and was a delegate to the Tri-City Mental Health Center’s Mental Health Services Act Planning Process. Joseph currently Chairs the Board of the Inland Valley Recovery Services.


Rubio Ramiro Gonzalez
City of Pomona, City Council


Rubio Ramiro Gonzalez was born in Fullerton, CA but raised in Pomona, CA. His grandparents came from Zacatecas and Jalisco, Mexico to this country as part of the WWII “Bracero” Program. His family raised him in a farm worker/factory worker household with an emphasis on higher education. He has been a Pomona resident for over 35 years and is a proud alumnus of the Pomona Unified School District having attended Kellogg Elementary and graduated from Ganesha High. During middle school he commenced his journey of employment as a newspaper delivery boy. In high school, Rubio was involved in many student clubs and began his volunteer work as well. This is also where he learned to become an effective activist and organizer. He has multiple degrees, earning a Bachelors in English from Cal Poly Pomona and a Masters in Anthropology from Cal State Fullerton. Rubio is finishing up both the Teacher Credential program and a Master’s in Education at the University of La Verne. While attending Cal Poly Pomona he worked as a tutor for the Pomona Unified School District as well as several campus departments including: Financial Aid, EOP, Institutional Research and Planning, the Native American Student Center and Alumni Affairs. As the coordinator for the Native American Student Center he founded the Native American Graduation Ceremony and coordinated other types of event programming. As a student he was involved in many campus organizations, including M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) and the ACACIA Fraternity. This is where he developed multiple cultural, political professional and social networks that have guided him in life’s journey.

He began his career as an educator with the Pomona Unified School District where he continues to work. Rubio has also worked for several school districts in California and Texas, including Los Angeles Unified, Chaffey Joint Unified, Montebello Unified, El Monte Unified, Northside Independent, Northeast Independent and the School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona. As an educator for over 15 years he has learned to adapt to multiple cultural and social environments. He has worked with every grade-level of student from Kindergarten up through Adult Education. He also worked as a labor coordinator and community organizer for the Southwest Public Worker’s Union. His upbringing in Pomona has directly impacted his present status as a community leader. He evolved from a student organizer in M.E.Ch.A. into a community activist throughout several counties. Rubio has been a civil rights activist for his entire adult life. His other passion is to preserve and promote local historic sites. He has been an active board member of the Historical Society of Pomona Valley since 1997. He served as a Historic Preservation Commissioner from 2013 through 2016. Prior to being elected to public office, Rubio sat on multiple community boards throughout the city to enhance the quality of life for Pomona residents, including: Lion’s Gate Shelter for Men, Pony United Youth Baseball League, Historical Society of Pomona Valley, Pomona Valley Democratic Club, Ganesha High School Site Council and the Arroyo Elementary School Site Council. Rubio has also volunteered countless hours to other organizations and committees such as the Pomona Valley Film Society, P.A.T.H. (Homeless Site Lobby), the Latino/a Roundtable, the Cesar Chavez Park, and the United Voices of Pomona. Rubio continues to volunteer for events like Pomona Beautification Day, National Night out, The G.R.E.A.T. Campout and his very own Pomona Kite Festival.

Never seeking honors, he has nevertheless been recognized by the Pomona Unified School District with the 2015 Community Service Award. He was also recognized as a Social Justice Honouree by the Latino/a Roundtable in 2016. He received a Pomona Goddess award for his service through 2016 as a Historic Preservation Commissioner where he served as Vice-Chair. Rubio has written multiple books, including the self-published children’s book Tochtli: The Story of a Mexica Boy. As part of a collaboration, his research was published in Handbook to Life in the Aztec World. He has several unpublished works such as The Caxcan Identity, A Brief History of Aztlan and Nezahualcoyotl: The Warrior Poet Prince of Ancient Mexico. He is said to be working on A History on Modern Pomona. He resides in the west side of the city where he was raised and has been consistently involved in the community for over 20 years. His wife Lorena is a former Miss Pomona and also grew up here, having attended Marshall Middle, Ganesha High and Cal Poly Pomona. They have three children: Nezahualcoyotl Rubio attends Ganesha High School, Meztli Esmeralda attends the School of Arts and Enterprise while Axayacatl Joaquin attends Arroyo Elementary. As a family unit they too are involved in community organizing events and follow their father’s approach of leading by example. Rubio was elected to office in November of 2016.


Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole
City of Pomona, City Council


City of Pomona Council Member Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole was elected  to office in November of 2016 and has has lived in Pomona for six decades – she was raised in Pomona, graduated from Pomona schools, was married and raised her children in Pomona. She has worked for Pomona Unified School District Health Services for 22 years.

As a dedicated Pomona citizen and District Four resident, she played a vital role in the installation of traffic calming provisions in her neighborhood to prevent speeding and promote pedestrian safety. In response to an increase of residential break-ins, she successfully petitioned to increase the number of street lamps for better security at night in both the street and the adjacent alleyway. She has also dedicated herself to preserving the neighborhood’s historic 100 year-old camphor trees in midst of both the California drought and an infestation of plant fungal disease. In addition, she helped organize a neighborhood watch group in alliance with Unity Church of Pomona.

As District Four’s Councilmember, Councilmember Ontiveros-Cole will continue to be an active Pomona citizen and civil servant by continuing her efforts to improve and clean up streets and alleyways; promote community safety, crime prevention programs and neighborhood watch groups; address and alleviate homelessness; beautify Pomona parks and recreation areas; bring new projects and developments to the City; promote and fund the Pomona Public Library; and preserve historical landmark and buildings.

Carolyn Cockrell
City of La Verne

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